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Furniture removals in Blayney


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The team of removalists at Gordy’s Furniture Removals offer residential and commercial relocation services for our esteemed customers in Blayney and surrounding areas.
Our experts understand the stress of moving heavy and hard-to-handle furniture. Our decades of experience has taught us the tricks of the trade that make moving safer, more efficient and less likely to cause mistakes. We care about delivering exceptional services with every project, no matter how simple or complex.
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Packing Services

We carefully protect and pack up all of your belongings for you in order to save you time, frustration and effort. Our professionals know how to pack your items to keep them safe and secure during the move. We ensure that they arrive at the new destination in the excellent shape they were in prior to the move.
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Loading Services

We understand the proper ways to load a furniture removal truck to keep the items from shifting, falling or otherwise getting damaged. We protect every possession with professional packing supplies, and then, carefully load them into the truck and position them correctly for the trip.
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Unloading & Unpacking Services

Once your belongings are relocated to your new home or office, our team goes back to careful unload them. We take them into the new location, carefully unpack them, and position them where you want them to be. We work in a detailed yet efficient manner that gets the work done quickly and efficiently.
Whether you’re moving a single item across town or an entire home’s belongings across New South Wales, Gordy’s Furniture Removals can save you time and money.