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Packing and unpacking your belongings during a move is the most time-consuming and tedious aspect of the job. The professional removalists at Gordy’s Furniture Removals provide you with comprehensive packing and unpacking services that will save you frustration, time and energy.
Packing up your treasures for relocation can take several days, especially when you want the job performed correctly so that your valuables are adequately protected. We can come in a matter of hours and expertly label and pack all of your belongings and have them ready to load and relocate.
Once your belongings have been relocated, the task of unloading and unpacking them awaits. We make it simple for you by doing all of the grunt work in an attentive and careful manner.

Our unpacking and moving experts can have you moved in and well-organised in a single day (in most cases). If you require disassembly and reassembly of your furniture, we offer this service as well. We take great pride in handling and moving your furniture. We will relocate you anywhere you need to move within Australia.