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Packing materials in Blayney


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You can count on our stellar reputation for delivering fast packing, moving, unloading and unpacking services. We treat your belongings with care and attention as if they were our own. We have the supplies, equipment, fleet and team you need to achieve a safe, smooth and cost-effective relocation.
Gordy’s Furniture Removals offers a complete line of packing supplies including, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, mattress bags, mobile wardrobes, furniture pads, boxes, tape and much more.

We offer packing solutions for:

● Delicate crystal, fine china, ornaments & other fragile items
● Audio, video & other electronic equipment
● LCD or plasma widescreen televisions
● Vintage wine collections
● Artwork & mirrors
● Lampshades
If you want to do your packing, then we can deliver packing materials and save you the time in picking them up yourself. We can drop them off outside your front door for your convenience.
Bubble Wrap for Fragile Items — Furniture Removals  in , NSW
Call our friendly experts today to get a free quote. We are here to cater to your packing and unpacking needs!